Direct Feeder System 

Direct feeder system allows smooth extrusion for soft materials e.g. poly flex 


Intelligent Resolution Management

Now create High definitions parts 2.5x faster than usual by printing the infill at a lower resolution and high resolutions on the outer shells


Wall Thickness

Optimal 600 microns


Extreme Bridging

Active printing coupled with smart control software means now you can effectively print certain overhang structures unsupported saving time and material


Max Layer Height / Resolution

0.05 mm / 50 microns


Built In Filament Compartment

Keep your materials from being exposed to humidity and moisture main contributing factors towards spoiled materials causing harm to your hardware


Controlled Thermal Environment Precise temperature control and airflow management are essential elements to the production of faithful, warp-free parts, that’s why a fully enclosed build chamber with a controlled thermal environment is an integral part of all VAGLER 3D printers. The fully enclosed design also keeps operating noise levels and plastic odours to an absolute minimum.

Large Build Volume At 13,500cc, we have one of the largest and most affordable build volumes available that will still fit on a standard office desk.

Removable Print Plate Removable Print Plates allow the operator to remove parts from the Print Plate comfortably and permits the use of additional optional extra print plates to continue printing while he processes the previous print job.

Material Profiles Built-in professionally designed material profiles mean that printing with any material that VAGLER offers is as easy as selecting an option from a menu and clicking the “Print” button. The Profiles Editor enable power users to further tune these print profiles if they so wish, while casual users can take advantage of the hundreds of hours of careful tuning and testing that our engineers have already performed and be productive within minutes .

Standalone Printing VAGLER 3D printers feature ample built-in storage and standalone printing functionality. Once a model has been sliced, it is downloaded completely into the printer’s on-board storage and run directly from the printer. Once the print job begins, you can disconnect your laptop from the 3D printer.

Heated Build Platform The V-821 3D printer features a Heated Build Platform opening up a new gamut of materials that you can manufacture with. Printing with greater range of engineering plastics such as ABS, PolyStyrene and PET becomes a possibility.

VAGLER Design, Through-and-Through VAGLER 3D printers are designed from start to finish by our own dedicated R&D team located in Penang, Malaysia.

Industrial Grade Design & Construction Powder coated mild steel construction. Machined Aluminium Alloy parts. Industrial Grade linear motion components. No nonsense industrial grade quality.

“VAGLER plastic filaments are your gateway to an exciting new world of possibilities. Designed with the needs of engineers and professionals in mind, they cover a wide range of physical characteristics to suit every application. Coupled with expert tuned material profiles included in VAGLER Sapphire, these high quality materials won’t leave you in a tangle of settings. Select the material type in VAGLER Sapphire and click print. You’ll be making your very own fine fabrications in no time”


Strong, durable, chemical resistant


Eco friendly, dimensionally stable


Industrial grade strength, highly durable parts, used for moving/functional parts


Polyester resin mainly used in soda bottles or other liquid containers

Lightweight, easy to recycle,
excellent electrical insulation


Poly Max
Hybrid between PLA and ABS, Increased impact strength better dimensional stability


Poly Flex
Highly flexible thermoplastic elastomer, for parts mimicking rubber to rubber like properties


Powder coated steel structure

Build platform
Heated plate

Stepper motors
1.8° step angle
1/16 micro-stepping

Print head
Single extruder


Physical dimensions

Overall size
55.5 x 44 x 56.5 cm
*length x width x height

Shipping weight


AC input
100 – 240V AC

350 watts

DC power connector



PLA, ABS, PET, HIPS, Nylon, Flex, Max & Wood

Operating temperature

Ambient operation
15º – 32º C (60º – 90º F)

0º – 32º C (32º – 90º F)



Software bundle
VAGLER Sapphire

File type

Operating system
Windows 7
Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10


Print technology
Fused filament fabrication

Build size
27 x 20 x 25 cm
*length x width x height

Max print size
13,500 cm³

Layer resolutions
High, 50 microns
Medium, 200 microns
Low, 300 microns

Post Precision Accuracy
(XY) 11 microns
(Z) 2.5 microns

Filament diameter
1.75 mm

Nozzle diameter
0.4 mm

Model Specification V-821

Weight : 34kg

Built-in filament compartment
Controlled Thermal Environment
Removable print plate
Intelligent Resolution Management
On-board Print Job Storage
Standalone Printing
Heated build platform

Build size
X (mm) = 270
Y (mm) = 200
Z (mm) = 250
Print volume (cm3) = 13,500



Vagler Sapphire Software







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