Benefit of 3D Printing in Different Industries



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Bluemetal Sdn Bhd

“If you want to have a good print, you have to understand about your print “

Bluemetal Sdn Bhd is a privately owned company with more than 35 years of sheet metal experience. They started with humble beginnings with small stamping machines and now have grown to have the full suite of sheet metal and machining equipment.

Their current capabilities are CNC Turning, CNC Tapping Centre, Sheet Metal Stamping, Powder Coating, Prototyping, TIG & MIG welding, Wire Forming, Assembly, and Jigs & Fixtures.

Before the introduction to VAGLER’s 3D printers, they were using conventional ways of checking on the accuracy of their product as the parts and its angles are crucial in fitting in to the final product. The process not only took a long time to check but it was tedious.

Of all the additive manufacturing systems that are available on the market, they chose VAGLER’s V-821 because it’s powered by FDM and gives them the ability to easily produce parts in production/ industrial-grade thermoplastics. Another advantage to using VAGLER’s V-821 would definitely be the local technical support that they are getting, even when there was no regional office in Penang. They have had very pleasant experience with Vagler and are more that satisfied with VAGLER V-CARE program.

They also discovered that FDM prototypes help engineers move more quickly to an optimized design, and allow for incorporation of greater contributions from the manufacturing team to their customers.
With the introduction of the V-821 around, they have managed to print a substantial amount of end use product for the betterment of their production line.

One of the examples would be the nozzle head that is being used in their powder coating machine. They have managed to redesign the nozzle – which is not available in the market, so that it is able to achieve better air and powder ratio for a better finish. For this instance, not only are they able to redesign to achieve better quality output but also it has cut their cost of importing that nozzle from over seas

With VAGLER’s V-821 FDM machine it has assured them that in-house prototyping was the right prescription to improve time-to-market and ROI. What took them months to build a prototype, now only takes them hours to complete.



Knee Joint Case Study

We were approached by Makhota Medical Trauma Centre, a private healthcare services provider for a case study about a 12 year old patient who clearly needed surgery of the knee; however, the results from the CT scans were inconclusive, so that is when 3D printing came in to place.

A small team from our R&D department took 200 image slides from the CT scan and stitched them together into a digital 3D STL file; they were then able to open the file with VAGLER’s Sapphire™ software and print out a perfectly replicated knee joint – true to size and form.

The surgeons were then able to study the knee and plan their surgery accordingly, including tailoring the solution best suited, based on the 3D model that VAGLER provided. This negated the need for an initial investigatory surgical procedure so that the surgeons could focus on the care and well-being of the patient.

These images show the knee joint immediately after printing. VAGLER’s Sapphire™ was able to intelligently place support structure where needed, which was then simply broken away following the print.

Not only will 3D printing revolutionise the way we approach industry, it will also revolutionise the way life-changing surgical procedures are handled in the future!


Jaw bone case study

For this case study, the corporate client took the 3D printed jaw bone printed on the VAGLER V-811 printer and used an Atos GOM reverse engineering 3D scanner to verify the printed tolerances would be within the required range for medical use. They were able to confirm that the jaw print was well within acceptable limits for surgical use. Uniquely, the material chemistry is such that the print maintains its dimensions even after cooling down, reducing the amount of pre- and post-processing that hospital staff need to perform.
The jaw belongs to an actual patient who is being treated for jaw bone cancer, and by converting the CT scan image slides into a 3D printable object, the treating physicians were able to perfectly custom fit the titanium plates without any initial investigatory surgical procedure.



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